Travel Diary: Burano Island




In London, there's nothing more I love than discovering a street lined with pastel houses (Notting Hill, I'm looking at you!). But what's better than a street-full?

An island full of course!

Burano is possibly one of the most spectacular places on earth. If it hasn't come up in your instagram feed at least once this summer then you haven't been following the right people (that includes me here!). The ferry boat takes approx 40 minutes or so from the main island (the best stop to get on at is Fondamente Nuove), stopping first at Murano (worth a visit the once but I wouldn't rush back) before unleashing the hoards of tourists onto the island at the next stop.

Unleashing the tourists FYI is an understatement. They flock to Burano and sadly, take some of the charm out of the place. Yes, technically I'm a tourist, but we're talking 'Level One Tourist' here - all selfie sticks, self-timers and stopping for wait... more selfies! Obviously I'm all for taking photos but do it in the slightest of ways - sadly others didn't quite get the memo!

Burano is a tiny little fishing island filled to the brim with multi-coloured houses. The reason for the mass colours is something of a myth but the story goes that the inhabitants painted their houses bright colours in order to help the fisherman see them through the fog and to stop them from crashing into the shore. Whatever their reasons - I'm very glad they did it. For the houses are some of the most beautiful and charming. Putting (dare I say it) London to shame...

Don't believe me? Then just scroll on down...

I totally recommend you make a day of visiting Burano. Walk far away from the dreaded tourist streets around the canal and you'll find yourself completely alone at times - bliss! Once you've had enough of oohing and aahing at quite possible every house/door/window then I have two recommendations of where to fill your belly with some seriously good food:

Riva Rosa - I've eaten here on the last two occasions and it is simply wonderful! Not cheap but not completely break-the-bank either. The seafood is divine, I had the Squid Ink Linguine but got major food envy over the girls' dishes so you can't go wrong with whatever you order. And they take bookings, so plan ahead and make sure you reserve yourself a table. Website here.

Trattoria al Gatto Nero - It was our first choice this time round however (note for future reference) they don't open on Mondays! Jamie Oliver's a fan. The food is belissimo. Well worth a visit. Website here.