Travel Diary: Venice, pt 3

Hurrah, you've made it to the final post in my Venice travel diary! 

When I said I took more than my fair share of pictures in the short space of time that I was in Italy I really meant it! It's impossible not to fall completely in love with Venice so I hope you pop the Italian island on your 'to-visit' lists.

For now, it's time to move on with the blog, I've got lots more adventures to share with you! So I leave you with the rest of the photographs from my trip and, should you be planning a trip yourself, a few recommendations of places to visit to get you started. They're by no means the only places to go but they've got the Claire seal of approval. And that - if you didn't already know - stands for something!

La Colonna - Tucked away in the most picturesque little corner, this restaurant is well-known for simply good Italian food. Website here.

Ivo - This easy to miss restaurant looks like nothing from the outside but is more than worth the visit (when it decides to be open!). Website here.

Cip's Club at Hotel Cipriani - For the ultimate treat in Venice, head over the lagoon to Hotel Cipriani. Book ahead a table at Cip's Club - the hotel's 'casual dining' restaurant - and you're in for a treat. The food is outstanding, service excellent and the views you'll get are breathtaking. Not a cheap affair but I can't recommend it enough.  Website here.

Harry's Bar - believe it or not, Harry's Bar is actually a national landmark. The home of the Bellini, Harry's was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway. It's small inside and expensive once you're there, so you've been warned.

Cannaregio - The Jewish Quarter of Venice is certainly quieter than San Marco but has all the charm (read: magical doorways) as its tourist-ridden counterpart. It's also home to some excellent restaurants and bars which are filled with locals and students (and the tourists-in-the-know) in the evenings. If that hasn't swayed you, hear this: the bars sell Aperol Spritz cheaper than a bottle of Coke.