Not Another Bill

I'm going to whisper this quietly so pay close attention...

Christmas is coming.

But shhh... the elves are trying to keep the hysteria down for a little while longer. They don't want to be working all hours at the Christmas factory just yet. 

Like me, you may have started thinking about what to buy people. Jotting down the ideas, making the lists, y'know, nothing set in stone until the next pay day when you actually have the money to spend on people other than yourself.

Well, those that like to give a bit of a quirky present... I have something a little different that I'd like to bring to your attention.

Not Another Bill is a monthly subscription that sends you gifts in the post. You can subscribe for one month or even a year, with a new pressie arriving on your doorstep every month. You can choose a subscription for yourself or (since we're in the festive spirit of things) someone else. 

The aim of Not Another Bill is to introduce subscribers to talent that you might not have heard of: great artists, designers and brands. Created by former Art Director Ned Corbett-Winder, the founding idea was that 'no-one gets anything good in the post anymore apart from bills and a few pizza menus'. 

Not Another Bill wants to make your letterbox a little bit more magical and is the perfect gift for that someone who has an appreciation for craft and design and receiving something special in the post.

Take a look at their SHOP here and I guarantee you'll be wanting a daily delivery!

Visit their website here: