Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

There are a number of things I look forward to this festive period:

Twinkling lights filling up the London sky, the crisp smell of winter in the air, wrapping up like a member of the secret service and starting the night early because y'know, the night sets in early afternoon meaning that mulled wine at 4pm - totally justified! 

But there's one place without a doubt that I absolutely love visiting every year and that place is Covent Garden. It oozes festive wonderment. And thanks to production designer Michael Howells, my favourite installation is back and as beautiful as ever.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was invited to an exclusive preview of the switching on of the lights before the grand public reveal.

But first, we had to wait until all of Covent Garden had gone home. You'd think on a Sunday this would have meant early doors, but no! Arriving early on in the evening, Covent Garden was heaving, filled with tourists flocking to every restaurant going - you'd have thought they didn't have work the next day the way they were acting.

Killing some time, off I wandered. Down Central Avenue, peering in shop windows and breathing in mulled wine filled air, roaming through the crowded piazza, passing by the market stalls before finally retreating to Frenchie for a quick drink (and a serious swoon over the interiors - hello!).

Before I knew it, it was time to all meet at Balthazar, another Covent Garden gem. Finally, it was time... 

Show time.


{ all is calm }

9 o'clock. It was finally time for the big reveal.

And the best part of the night?

Having it all to myself.

Just me, the 40 mistletoe chandeliers and around 100,000 pealights. No market vendors, no hustle, no bustle and best of all?

No tourists!

Time to get loose and let the disco commence, right guys?

Thank you Covent Garden for a spectacular evening and for having me along!

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