Boxing Day Postcards

The Christmas holiday has been the most relaxing and very much needed break that I was looking for. In fact, I don't want it to end any time soon! I'm sure you probably feel the same too?

Christmas Day itself was spent eating, opening presents, seeing family and eating some more. Oh and then some more eating after that. Boxing Day started with some more food (can you see a pattern?) and then feeling totally lethargic so we decided to get out the house and get some fresh air to wake our gluttonous selves up.

And so we made the drive to the coast to West Wittering Beach with its white sands, colourful beach huts and the freshest of air which more than blew away the cobwebs! We walked along the beach, made the dog run a million miles (she was in her element) and stayed until sunset, watching as the sky turned from beautiful shades of pastel pink to deep, fiery burnt hues of orange. 

And with that, here's my last post of 2016! I hope you all have a Happy New Year and see you on the other side for plenty more adventures to come!