Birthday lunch at Petersham Nurseries

Yes, my birthday was in August, and yes, I'm aware we're half-way through September. But for one reason or another, I didn't feel much like blogging about my birthday goings-on until now.

I had the most perfect day on my birthday - really, it was by far one of the best birthdays I'd had in a long time - but all that happened after made it something of a bittersweet day. Anyhow, that's all in the past now and the present is looking pretty peachy and I'm finally ready to share some posts that have been sitting waiting patiently for me.

The day started with my mum coming into London (mid-week birthdays are a bit of a strange one and I'm not one for being in an office on the one true me-day of the year). We headed straight on the train to Richmond and made our way to somewhere that's been on my list for some time.

Petersham Nurseries.

First and foremost, Petersham Nurseries is an award-winning garden centre. It's the perfect place to get your fingers green and is positively bursting with blooms.

But what Petersham Nurseries is also known for is its cafe.

It truly is one of the prettiest settings I've ever dined in. Rustic wooden tables, mismatched chairs, hangings of Hindu gods on the wall and of course, plants and flowers covering every table and corner.

We settled into our table and pondered the short, seasonal menu which is inspired by what's growing in the garden.

Foregoing starters because obviously there was going to be a dessert or two, we ordered our mains and waited for them to arrive.

Delicious grilled courgette with wild rice for me.


And a beautifully cooked spatchcock chicken with a plate of green goodness for mum (with a little help from me).

Surprisingly full we almost swerved dessert.


A wonderfully rich chocolate torte complete with birthday candle (our waiter spotted the birthday cards).

Thankfully, no singing entailed.

And a beautiful berry and almond tart. 

Feeling the need to walk off our desserts, we made our way through the garden centre's shop.

Prettier than your average, the shop had everything you could possibly need for house & garden, and everything else you didn't know you needed.

Have you paid Petersham Nurseries a visit yet?

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