Visiting Stoke Park

Back in July (remember that month? No, me neither) I hopped on a train to Slough.

Now, I know it doesn't sound like the most glamorous of starts to an adventure, but don't worry - there was a carriage awaiting to transport us to greener pastures. Greener pastures being that which awaited us at Stoke Park.

Stoke Park is a Luxury Hotel, Country Club, Golf Course and Spa all rolled into one, set within an impressive 300 acres. What started as a members-only club, Stoke Park is now open to anyone wishing to use their fantastic facilities on its private estate.

Sadly, as good as my crazy golf skills are, I didn't pack the appropriate golfing gear suitable for such a prestigious course. But there's always next time...

As the room wasn't quite ready when we arrived, we left our bags at reception and took to exploring the grounds.

After a brief tour, we finally found the perfect spot on the terrace for some drinks. Sinking back into the sofas, we pretended to be on holiday just for a small moment.

It did have a slight Mediterranean look to it after all...

Sadly the weather maintained it's British identity.

Around 2 o'clock our room was ready. We were staying in The Pavilion, the newer build hotel on the grounds. In comparison to the Mansion, The Pavilion is very modern indeed. Film posters and pop-art adorn the walls. At first, it didn't make any sense at all to me but then it was explained that Stoke Park has a strong connection with the movies - thanks to being so close to Pinewood Studios just down the road - and it all made perfect sense.

Scenes from Bond, Bridget Jones & Layer Cake were filmed in the grounds at Stoke Park and movie stars often stayed at the hotel. Our Suite even had it's very own list of famous clientele including Brad & Ange and Mr Bond himself!

To just call it a Suite is slightly underselling it - 'bigger than my London apartment' might be more accurate! Sadly I don't have any other photos to show you, but trust me, this Suite could throw one hell of a party.

There was even the disco lights to prove it...

After a sip of champagne, it was time to rush off to the Spa. Pure indulgence called and I was to have a Swedish Massage - of course, there was no complaining from me for the next 60 minutes!

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazying around before it was time to drag myself out of my robe, into the shower and ready for our evening meal which was to be had over in The Mansion.

And so off we trotted, dressed in our finest fancies.

The Mansion makes sure to give any stately home a run for its money!

We started with two G&T's over in gloriously posh President's Bar.

And amused our bouches with some nibbles...

Dinner was held in Humphry's, Stoke Park's three AA Rosettes restaurant.

Humphry's surpassed my expectations. What could easily have been quite a stuffy restaurant, wasn't even slightly. It was classic, magnificent, and the food was genuinely some of the best I've eaten in a while. Every dish was brilliant and if you do visit Stoke Park, Humphry's is a certain must.

But it's not the time for photographs - so, sorry, you don't get much out of me here!

Until desserts. Of course they were a winning affair. At Humphry's, I guarantee you won't go wrong with whatever you choose, but if you fancy a bit of theatrics, CHOOSE CHEESE.

The cheese trolley is a sight to behold and the platter you're left with is enough to feed a whole family of mice for days!

Or one hungry man!

Thankfully it was just a short roll back to the room... where we slept out our food comas nicely in our king sized cloud of a bed.

The next morning, breakfast was served in our very own dining room. Ordering a little bit of everything and nibbling away in our robes whilst reading the morning papers.

Exactly the way a Sunday should start!

Our lazy morning meant we weren't in a hurry to dash off and instead, we were given a tour of The Mansion with all its secret rooms to hideaway in.

Stoke Park is known for hosting many events and functions - from business meetings to birthdays. And there's plenty of rooms in which to hold an event - all of which, of course, were decadently dapper.

We finished our tour with a trip up to the tallest point in The Mansion: the dome. Greeting us at the top were beautiful 360 degree views over all 300 acres and beyond.

In true English July weather, it stayed completely drizzly and thick with cloud - but it was still a fantastic view nonetheless!

Back down on earth, the afternoon finished with a stroll through the beautiful grounds, meandering through gardens. And just like that, we hopped back in our carriage to the station and whisked ourselves back to London. Feeling ever so more relaxed then when we arrived.

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