I have more than my fair share of decorative bomber jackets and it would appear that my love for them isn't going to slow down anytime in the near future. 

As soon as I saw this jacket from (wait for it) New Look (shocked, right?) I knew it had to be mine. I lusted over it for months before it finally hit online and snapped it up almost immediately. JUST LOOK at the back design. Sure, it's not something I'm going to wear everyday but for those days where I want to make a statement, I know where in my wardrobe I'm heading.

I paired it with my rather racy, lacy, silky black H&M slip dress which was an impulse purchase I wasn't sure about at the time would suit - turns out I LOVE it and will never part with it ever. Unbelievably comfy to wear and something that you can wear a million and one ways (umm with a polo underneath, jumper over, tights, boots, heels, YOU NAME IT), it's just my favourite dress ever. 

This was one of my first "saying goodbye to summer" outfits that I wore in September. At first, it felt completely bizarre to wear all black. But, as we delve further into this new frostier season, I'm getting oh so more familiar once again with the darker side of my wardrobe... And I absolutely love it.

Can we just have these gorgeous autumn days until spring please? They have me jumping for joy (see last photo).

Bomber jacket - New Look (sold out)

Silk Dress - H&M (similar here)

Sandals - Topshop (in black online)

Sunglasses - RayBan

Handbag - The Cambridge Satchel Company