Pampelone In The City

If it's not already on your radar, then Pampelone is a brand you need to be watching.

Launched last year, Pampelone takes inspiration from the Riviera then hops right back across the channel straight to your door. If you're planning a beach holiday then you need a Pampelone item in your bag. There's plenty of choice in their range, whether it's their Amalfi Maxi Dress, Azure PlaysuitProvence Tunic or my suggestion: all three.

Now, whilst Pampelone is practically synonymous with the beach, it may come to no surprise to you that London is no beach. But that's not to say you should reserve your Pampelone solely for the Riviera. Non non! In collaboration with Pampelone, I was asked to style their Grainers, BouBou and 55 blouses for this wonderful, very non-beach place that I call home because the city deserves Pampelone. So let me take you on a bit of a Pampelone journey - hopefully you'll like how I've styled things up!

The first of the looks features the simple, beautiful Graniers blouse. I love the orangery-red embroidery detail and beaded tasselling. Eye-catching and so easy to wear, I teamed the blouse with this mini from Topshop and savoured the very last of the British summer. For current season (read RIP summer), simply add tights and knee-high boots and you're good to go!

Graniers Blouse - Pampelone

Skirt - Topshop

Sandals - Topshop

For my second look, I teamed the gorgeously delicate pale pink and lace detail BouBou blouse with some rather amazing pink trousers to match. Possibly the most feminine of looks I've done in a long while, but there's also something rather 'power-dressing' about this outfit. Paired with these black buckled sandals from Topshop they make the outfit look like I mean business, albeit, in a very pink way.

BouBou Blouse - Pampelone

Trousers - Topshop

Bag - Mulberry (old)

Finally, to achieve the perfect transition to Autumn, I paired the gorgeous 55 Blouse with my current season staples to create the ultimate weekend look. Perfect for brunch with friends during the day or evening cocktails.

Let it be said, I LOVE the sleeve detailing on the 55. It's safe to say it's a statement piece and one that's guaranteed to get you all the compliments. The deep V neck and drawstring waist finishes off the blouse perfectly, making it a must-have addition to your autumn wardrobe.

I think this might just be my favourite of the looks. What's yours? 

55 Blouse - Pampelone

Waistcoat - Helene for Denim Wardrobe

Jeans - Topshop

Sandals - Tophop

Bag - Mulberry (old)

Psst... Fancy reading a Q&A I did with Pampelone? Sure you do!

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