Tried & Tested: Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series

Skincare launches always get me very excited because it means there's some new potions for my skin to try and fall in love with. 

I was especially excited to learn that Perricone MD have just launched their latest range; the Pre:Empt Series designed to combat the first visible signs of ageing (dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone and fine lines), perfectly suited for those around my age bracket, 24 - 35 years old.

The Pre:Empt series contains a complex derived from phytonutrients (cress sprouts, turmeric, olive leaf and green tea) called the 'NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex' which boosts antioxidant production and in turn, helps to preserve young-looking skin.

Also, the bottles are some of the chicest on my beauty shelf. I guarantee they will draw you in at first sight.

Step one on your way to keeping your youthful skin is by beginning with the Exfoliating Pore Refiner, morning and night. 

It's lightweight and really refreshing on the skin and gently works to exfoliate away the dead cells allowing skin to renew. I by no means have big pores but it's still getting down to some good work around my nose already!

Step two is using the Skin Perfecting Serum - which contains the highest level of the Complex - every morning. 

It practically glides on and sinks into my skin, doing all the under-the-skin goodness that you need from a serum.

Next, get involved with the Brightening Eye Cream.

Super conditioning thanks to the avocado oil, the cream provides essential moisture to your skin. It also helps rid your under-eye dark circles making you look slightly more awake than you actually are!


Lastly, finish with the oil-free hydrating cream, used morning and night.

It truly is one of the most lightweight moisturisers I've ever used that still manages to make my skin feel looked after.

So there you have it! The Pre:Empt Series from Perricone MD. Does wonders and looks great.

Shop the range on John Lewis here.

Range c/o Perricone MD, all opinions my own
BeautyClaire Menary