Emerald with Envy

I often fantasise as to where in London I'd like to own a home. It flits regularly and is very scenario dependent (am I still single / do I have a family / have I won the lottery...). For ages, it was a house in Chelsea, then a £40million house in Hampstead (keep those dreams high people!) and then it changed to a townhouse Highbury & Islington way (which is still very much the family-home dream one day). But then I discovered a pastel street tucked away down in Notting Hill and it made me fall in love with the area all over again. This street was pure heaven and I was green with envy at each and every home-owner.

So whilst owning the property of my dreams is a long way off, having a little play and a shoot in front of them isn't. Appropriately, the look of the day was green, or more fittingly, emerald. I've only worn this H&M jacket three times since I bought it months ago, but each time I do, I feel like a superstar wearing it. It really can dress up the most basic of outfits. I have to say, this is pretty much my staple look at the moment (when I'm not in gym gear or lounging around the flat!) and what's better is this is the comfiest look ever. 

Well, if it isn't broke...

Jacket - h&m

T-shirt - COS 

Jeans - Topshop

Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company

Shoes - Topshop

Sunglasses - RayBan

StyleClaire Menary