Indulging in Paris

One thing you're not short of in Paris is places to eat and drink. The choice is endless mes amies!

This is by no means an extensive list of places to go - because I certainly don't have the time or money for that to happen! - but the ones mentioned below are some that we visited on this trip and would certainly go back to in a heartbeat.

Let's kick off with a drink shall we?

Starting at the beautiful La Belle Equipe. We didn't eat here but you can if you so please (and the food did look good), we just went for a quick drink before lunch. 

I'd recommend sitting outside as it is by far the most beautiful spot, satisfying all your #interiorinspo and people watching needs in one. Get the corner velvet sofa and settle in for as long as you need. You certainly won't want to leave once you arrive!

Of course, The Ritz needs no introduction. It's practically a rite of passage when visiting Paris. That being said, it's a pricey one so start saving your pennies!

Until this trip, I'd never actually stepped foot in The Ritz (let's face it, it's faaancy and hardly the place for a permanent hobo like myself!) but I was pleasantly surprised as to how welcoming and completely non-stuffy it was. Dare I say it... I much preferred it to The Ritz here in London!

Beautiful and lavish is an understatement and absolutely worth the visit to Place Vendôme. We sat in the stunning salon, nibbled on mille-feuille & mont blancs and sipped our teas, all whilst feeling completely blissed out! 

Taking the chance whilst we had it to explore, we wandered through the hotel, positively swooning at everything in sight as we went. Must visits include The Gallery for glossy boutiques harbouring expensive goods, the serene outside terrace and... the loos - they are simply the finest loos in all the land!  

The Ritz, as expected, was a total dream. Decadent, indulgent and splendid. 

I absolutely need to book a stay there. Just give me a few years to save up, maybe?

Website for your delectation here. 

My final suggestion for a fine piece of grub is Clamato. 

Opened in 2013, Clamato is a seafood joint from Michelin-starred chef Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat who also own the critically acclaimed (and place I'm super keen to visit next time I go!) Septime, which is handily just next door.

Clamato is marvellously green on the outside yet stripped back and simple inside, serving up some splendidly tasty dishes. Practically ordering the lot, we went for oysters, cod croquettes, scallop carpaccio, ceviche and the most delicious pot of mussels and washed it all down with some fine white wine. Definitely one for your lists. And get a seat at the bar if you can. We all know they're the best for a restaurant experience.

It's no-reservations but you can put your number down on the list, go to La Belle Équipe for a drink (it's just a short walk down the street) and they'll call you when your table's ready. 

I think that's what you call the best of both worlds!

Website here.