Me & Isabel

I'm going to be terribly British and start our conversation talking about the weather.

It. Is. Freezing.

Thanks to my love of impractical thin socks, my feet have never been so frozen. And, until it warms up, this is basically the only outfit you'll see me in. Promise I do own other items of clothing, but when you're as comfy as a sleeping puppy wrapped up in a duvet, why would you change things up?

Until spring comes around, I'm staying snug. Easy to do when you have this magic formula:

Take one sensationally amazing Isabel Marant Etoile coat (that yes, if you follow me on instagram here, you will be more than familiar with!), add a rather jazzy (and unbelievably comfy) pair of Nike Air Max 95's, finish with a fedora for good measure and complete the look with a hands-free Disco Bag.

Et voila, the only outfit I need to get through winter... apparently.

So pleased as punch I was with this outfit, we went overboard on the snaps. Enjoy revelling in my awkward 'in front of the camera' face.

Until next time!


Photos by Amber Rose Photography


Links below:

Coat - Isabel Marant Etoile

Handbag - Gucci

Trainers - Nike

Fedora - Mint Velvet

Earrings - Anthopologie