You are unique. Your skin is too.

That above is the philosophy behind cosmetic brand, My Blend by Dr Olivier Courtin.

Having spent many years as a hospital surgeon and, as the son of the founder of Clarins, Dr Courtin, it's fair to say he's a well established authority on skin. Whilst working in the hospital, he observed that skin cell regeneration doesn't only depend on age or skin type, but also on optimum physical and psychological condition. Easier said than done given the many stresses in life we encounter daily, which is why he created My Blend - a range of products that not only take into account the characteristics of the skin but also the condition under which it evolves, i.e. your lifestyle. It's Dr Courtin's belief that to determine the needs of a woman's skin, the life that she leads is just as important as her skin type. Which, when you think about it, makes complete sense: a lack of sleep, poor diet, a life where you're constantly travelling, a life where you're constantly stressed - these all have major impacts on the skin, regardless of what category your skin normally fits under.

STEP ONE - my blend skin diag

You begin - as I did - with a My Blend Skin Diag in order to define your bespoke skin care programme. There are 2 ways of doing this:

1) Pay a visit to one of the exclusive My Blend Spas around the world and have the My Skin DiagSPA - a high-tech system which enables your skincare needs to be evaluated in real time - work its magic to analyse your skin. You can see where the spas are here

2) Alternatively, fill out the My Skin Diag questionnaire here and answer a series of lifestyle questions that will help determine the distinct features of your lifestyle that will contribute to the 

From this diagnosis, you'll be prescribed your own bespoke skin care range. 

My Blend  -
My Blend  -

step two - your products

The My Blend skin care range is built around 10 complete, refined Essential Formulas: 5 Day and 5 Night. The day and night formulas which you receive is decided wholly on the results of your consultation.

Essentially, the formulas form your day and night creams which you add 'boosters' into, depending on your skin's needs. These 'boosters' are active ingredient concentrates which are selected exclusively according to your current lifestyle. You can add up to two 'boosters' to your formulas for added results. 

No surprise from me when my results came back requiring No 03 - Stress Management - used for skin which is stressed, combination to oily and inflicted with lifestyle-related blemishes. 

The boosters that were picked to accompany my formula were:

Antioxidant + Pollution, emotional stress, smoking, grilled foods and excess red meat consumption can increase the number of free radicals and cause premature ageing of the skin. It becomes more vulnerable and begins to show signs of ageing.

Vitamin Power - An unbalanced diet and changes of season can all affect your skin - it looks tired and lacking in vitamins.

Anti Jet-LagFrequent travelling, changes in the weather, air conditioning and overeating fatigue the body by stimulating an accumulation of toxins and dehydration. Your skin looks dull, shows signs of fatigue and small wrinkles appear.

Adding the boosters couldn't have been easier. I added the Anti Jet-Lag and Invisible Pore to my day cream, and the Vitamin Power to my night cream, giving them a good whisk until they were whipped into one butter soft creme.

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Packaging Made to Last

Sustainability is at the core of My Blend which is why they chose a made-to-measure refill system with their products. 

When you make your first purchase, you have to buy the re-usable jar which can be used as many times as you wish because you simply need to replace the refill pack (which contains your essential formula) that can be done online. As someone that hates to throw away bottles, jars, pots etc it's a nice way to help reduce the amount of wastage and your environmental footprint. 

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I really noticed the difference when using the products - my skin feels, and looks, happier. I haven't had any outrageously bad hormonal breakouts (which have become all too familiar recently) and my skin feels looked after. I even went foundation free for the first time in a long while and didn't even realise I hadn't gotten any on - isn't that saying something?!

What else I really enjoyed is how light the texture of the cremes are. They glide on the skin wonderfully but still provide plenty of hydration meaning I've managed so far to avoid that dreaded 'winter skin'.

A final note to point out is that a little goes a long way - so whilst it's a little on the pricier scale of beauty products, you don't need to slather your face in the creme.  

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But enough about my face... 

How about you take the My Skin Diag to find out more about your skin? Start it here.


This post was in collaboration with My Blend by Dr Olivier Courtin, all opinions are my own.