Day at the beach

Ah, Sunday. My favourite day of the week.

Since working for myself, I've lost count of the number of Sundays I've lost to working - in fact, there's not been a day in the last six months when something hasn't somehow cropped up and I've found myself on my laptop or phone, doing the odd work-related task (I'm even writing this today, on a Sunday!). Slowly, I'm attempting to reclaim some of my free time, even if it's just taking a morning off, and Sundays are the perfect days to do just that (because no-one answers their emails on a Sunday!).

A recent weekend at home in Sussex was a particularly bright and sunny one, so it called for me to move from the sofa, leave behind my laptop, grab the dog and my wellies, and head to the coast for some fresh, fresh air.

Making sure I looked the part, I was kitted out in coastal attire courtesy of Joules, the brand synonymous with the British countryside. Particular favourites of mine are their striped jersey tops which are wonderfully flattering and super easy to wear and their Chelsea boots which are honestly so, so comfortable! I've popped all the links below incase you're interested in perusing further. They do some fantastic jumpers too, oh, and waterproof jackets. OK, basically just check them out for yourselves...

Not wanting to ruin said beautiful boots on the beach, I swapped them for a pair of rubber boots courtesy of Aigle (again, link below). Handcrafted in France, these boots are the perfect footwear for country living, very comfortable to wear and really rather stylish! Mine were a nautical cross between a wellington and a riding boot and I love them! Anyone that spends time in the great outdoors should definitely give Aigle a look in.

p.s. never again will I try get my dog (a rather camera-un-friendly one that doesn't understand the word S-T-A-Y) to sit and pose next to my shoes - so enjoy these rather cute shots now, because they won't be happening again!

Links to full outfit below:

Waterfall Jacket / Striped Top / Jeans / Boots / Hat / Wellies