Chicama, Chelsea

Whenever someone asks me where to eat in Chelsea, I always draw a blank. There are, of course, some good restaurants in the area, but nothing ever instantly springs to mind. The long stretch of the King's Road, filled with its shops and parked up Porsches doesn't scream culinary hub of the capital so it's easy to forget the few gems it does have. But there's one place in particular that's going to stick in my mind for some time and one I will definitely be recommending in a flash and that's Chicama.

The seafood sibling of Marylebone restaurant Pachamama (which I have yet to visit!), Chicama is inspired by the coast of Peru offering up the most beautiful plates of bold flavours and fresh ingredients. Before we get on with the food, let me just start by saying: everything at Chicama is impossibly pretty. From the interiors, to the plates, to the floor tiles - this is a restaurant that knows how to draw the crowds in (and hoards of instagrammers/bloggers). Like moths to a flame...

And now to the food. It's safe to say, Rebecca and I felt absolutely no shame in ordering almost the entire menu. When everything sounds so impossibly good, it's cruel to leave one out. Everyone will have dishes that stand out to them, but my recommendations to you? Begin with the padron peppers and tapioca marshmallows (I still have no idea really what they are - but honestly, they're marvellous and you're going to love them!). Then make sure you get the tuna tostadas, blackened octopus and crispy battered fish bun. For good measure, you need also to pick the crispy aubergine (doesn't look the prettiest but boy does it taste good), BBQ plantain and charred sweet potato. Yes, it's more than enough to feed a small village, but I think you'll manage somehow. Save room because you're going to want to finish with the chocolate mousse - it was unreal! 

Beautiful food in a beautiful setting, the King's Road has got itself something rather special here. We liked it so much we stayed through the lunch service right through to dinner, probably much to the bemusement of the staff! Thank you Chicama for a wonderful afternoon - same again next week?

383 King's Road, London, SW10 0LP