Healthy Hair Secret Weapons

For me, the quest for healthy, long hair is an endless one. 

Yes, you can avoid the hairdresser like the plague and just let your hair grow long and long - but, if you're like me, and dye your hair more often than you have baths then that's probably not the wisest. Hair will grow but the ends will be in disrepair and when you do eventually go to the hairdresser, they'll tell you that more than a few inches will need the chop immediately. So, my first advice for anyone wanting healthy hair (and especially if you're trying to grow it) is regular trims at the salon! Long term, hair will grow (admittedly slower than you'd like) and will be in a better condition for it.

The next bit of advice involves a few products. Namely the ones I'm about to list below. I've used them all (not all at the same time mind) and I have to say my hair has thanked me for it. It's growing quicker than it ever has and for the first time ever, the condition of my hair has never been better. For someone that dyes their hair far too often, it's no easy feat having healthy hair. These products are winners in my eyes, so I'd certainly recommend you give them a go.

Olaplex - The bonds in your hair break when hair is coloured and subjected to heat and chemical treatments. Created by scientists, Olaplex works from inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair the damage caused by what we put our hair through. There are loads of salons across the UK that use Olaplex as an 'add-on' service and I'd certainly recommend having it next time you go for a treatment. It's a simple three-step process starting in the salon, followed by an at home treatment, that aims to target broken hair bonds and give them some much needed love and attention. Here are the steps:

No 1: Bond Multiplier - used with a colour service or a standalone treatment, the first step is mixed into your colour and aims to rebuild broken bonds and starts the process of preventing damage.

No 2: Bond Perfector - popped on the hair once colour is washed out and left on for a good 20 minutes, the second step rebuilds and restores broken bonds to give you shiny, healthy, strong hair.

No 3: Hair Perfector - the final step is an at-home treatment to be used once a week to strengthen hair. Having used it a number of times, I can honestly say it's genius and makes my hair feel strong and healthy after each use. The formula utilises a Bond Multiplying System to effectively reconnect broken bonds making hair stronger and therefore, more likely to grow healthy.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence - To help counter hair breakage and damage from heat & UV rays, the DDD spray is your go-to. A simple leave-in spray used on wet hair, it gives added protection to your hair on a daily basis boosting condition, manageability and shine.

Syoss Leave-In Serum - Launched in the UK this year, the super affordable Syoss range uses professional SalonPlex technology ideal for damaged hair at steal like prices. I mean, really, it is SO cheap and actually, really rather good. The leave-in serum is to be used once or twice a week, on towel dried hair, and provides instant repair to give you smooth hair. Syoss' shampoo (here) and conditioner (here) are also winners too - and won't be breaking anyone's bank account.

Kérastase Resurfacing Strengthening Milk - Ideal for weakened, damaged hair caused by blow-dries and general hair stresses. The milk adds shine and strength, whist key technology seals the hair creating a protective layer helping to reduce split ends. Because those days of picking your split ends are long gone my friends! It isn't heavy and doesn't leave hair weighted down or greasy so you won't even feel it working away. Result!

Have you any haircare secrets?