Picnics & Portraits

'Scuse me whilst I go very British on you for a moment, I'm going to talk about the weather. 

How can I not? Recently it's been all kinds of madness - sunshine, rain, HUMIDITY, cold, more rain. The biggest challenge to this is knowing what to wear when I step out for the day - you'd think by now I'd have some clue, but 'fraid not my pals, 'fraid not. 

Anyway, some time ago, sunshine decided to grace our London land and that was the perfect excuse for a visit to somewhere I can't believe I'd never been before, Isabella Plantation, deep within Richmond Park. A beautiful area which, in springtime, is in full bloom with hues of bright pink and purple everywhere. By mid-May the colours are starting to fade - which is when I went - so I'd definitely recommend you go in April to see it in all its glory - so start bookmarking for next year! 

We propped up by a suitably pink background, unloaded our picnics, took 1032723 photos and finally, tucked into our spread whilst basking in the rarity that is sunshine in London. A pretty idyllic afternoon escaping reality.

Thanks to Rebecca for being my patient model whilst I practiced my portraiture and thanks to her for these snaps of me goofing around. Worst model ever - I think I'll be staying behind the camera! 

On me: Hat / Sunglasses / Dress / Headphones / Sandals / Shoes / Handbag