A Jolly Luncheon at The Ned

It’s been years in the making (five, to be precise) and had milllllllions spent on it, but finally, The Ned has arrived - which I’m sure you’re all aware of as no doubt it has taken up your social feeds at some point!

Last week, I was invited to a very special Jolly Luncheon which gathered London’s finest from the social media world (and... me!). Treated like royalty from start to finish, we began with champagne (before midday on a Wednesday - I felt very lavish) and then given a small tour.

Now, I could try and regurgitate the tour (if my memory allows me to recall everything) but I fear my words just wouldn't do The Ned justice. There is detail and history everywhere. There's magic in the place that can't be put into words, you just have to see it for yourself I'm afraid!

I've been talking to everyone who would listen about The Ned and they've all asked the same questions: how do they get in?

The answer? Simply walk on in! The Ned is open to the public - you can just stroll on in and grab yourself a table at one of  The Ned's many, many restaurants. Whilst Soho House is - along with Sydell Group - behind The Ned, it's not a members-only house. There are nine restaurants/bars within The Ned, and non-members of The Ned (note: it's a separate membership to Soho House, but if you're a SH member you do have the option to buy The Ned membership at a 50% rate!) can have access to seven of those. If you want to access the rooftop, the private Vaults bar or Lutyens Grill, then you'll need to be a Ned member. Keeping up with me? Good.

Housed within the former Midland Bank right in the heart of the City, The Ned is guaranteed to wow you from the moment you step inside. What were once offices in the bank are now bedrooms. Each are elaborate, designed with a nod to the 1920’s featuring walnut wall panelling, vintage rugs, silk covered ottomans, glass chandeliers, marble bathrooms and leather armchairs. The rooftop restaurant and bar provides views over the City and a private escape from London. The Vaults bar is a secluded, intimate affair surrounded by walls of safety deposits that once harboured people's most prized possessions. 

After the tour, it was time for a feast. Set up in one of the event rooms, The Saloon, it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Immaculately presented and filled to the brim with beautiful flowers (from floral studio Grandirosa), the setting was pretty much up there with the most magical I've ever been a party to. And so, we sat down to enjoy a feast from Malibu Kitchen, making new friends and swapping stories along the way.

Thank you to Soho House for inviting me to such a magical afternoon.

The Ned, 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8AJ