Candle Workshop with Earl of East London

Living East, I'm loving exploring the boroughs that were once a trek to get to. Ironically, when I dated someone in this neck of the woods, we never really spent anytime local which is a huge shame as I think there are pockets of East that are my favourite. I like the buzz of Broadway Market, the chilled vibes of London Fields, the cafes of Stoke Newington and the pubs of De Beauvoir - there's so much still to come, I'm just getting started. 

A few weeks back, settling into my new digs, I went for a Saturday stroll (I really do love a weekend stroll) and stumbled across bonds. Hackney, a lifestyle store, coffee spot and workshop space, home to Earl of East London's candle studio. The owners of the space are Paul and Nico - the guys behind Earl of East London, which started its life in Netil Market. You'll remember I posted this picture of the store on Instagram which went down a treat with you lot and it was from this that Paul got in touch, inviting me to one of their candle workshops. Something I've never done before, I jumped at the chance and at the end of a chilled Sunday, I wandered through London Fields for my foray into the world of good scents and hot wax.

The workshops are open to anyone and by no means daunting. You start with getting to know the other people in the class with you, perhaps have a glass of fizz and nibbles whilst you're at it, before Paul & Nico give you a brief introduction about themselves, the company and what it is we were there to do. Then it's over to you. Our workshop allowed us to create our very own scent which meant we began by smelling our way around the fragrances and essential oils. The hard part was choosing which scent to go for. I originally wanted something ocean like - fresh and sea salty - but once I'd created my blend, it smelt far sweeter than I'd intended (that being said, once the wax sets and the final product is complete, it smells totally different and I have to say - I ABSOLUTELY love mine). After mixing our blend with the soy wax, all that was left to do was leave it to cure overnight at the store and declare yourself a candle making boss. You even get to name it yourself which makes for something a little special - just good luck thinking of a name! The guys suggested we name our candles based on memories behind the scents we've chosen - a lot easier to do if, unlike me, you really did just wing the fragrance blending as you went... So maybe bear that one in mind! 

I'd really recommend - and urge you to give them - a visit at bonds. Hackney. The guys are onto something special and I can't wait to see what else they have in store. Their candles make for great presents (my personal favourite is STRAND) and they don't break the bank. So next time you're in Hackney, pop in for a coffee and a chat - I doubt you'll leave empty handed.

If you fancy dipping your toe into the world of candle making with Earl of East London then you'll need to visit this link here

You'll find the store/workshop at Bonds. Hackney, 5a Gransden Avenue, London, E8 3QA