A step inside Conservatory Archives with Appleton Estate Rum

If you go down to Hackney Road today, you'll be in for a tropical surprise. 

Behind the grey exterior and scattered plant pots at 493-495 you'll find Conservatory Archives, a plant haven that I'm sure most London-based, plant-loving, instagram-obsessed people are already familiar with. Inside, the building contains some original features (it used to lay claim to being the oldest ironmonger in London) as well as additional touches that compliment the purpose of the shop: high ceilings perfect for jungle-like leafs, distressed walls, and floor to ceiling glass window that allows the light to pour in. 

As part of my campaign with Appleton Estate Rum, I visited Conservatory Archives to learn more about the shop and discover the magic behind this greenhouse wonder. Conservatory Archive's co-founder is woman named Jin Ahn, one of the artisans chosen by Appleton Estate Rum for their Crafted with Joy campaign (if you remember, I spoke about this here in another blog post) as like Appleton Estate Rum's master blender Joy Spence who brings together science and art to create the intricate blends of rum, Jin also uses both of these elements to curate the jungle world of Conservatory Archives.

The concept behind the shop came about when Jin was studying Horticulture, where she became aware of how little attention was paid to indoor gardening yet she believed that for most urban dwellers it was the most crucial. She spotted a gap in the market - not many stores or businesses specialised in indoor plants - and went about creating her own small green oasis in a very un-green setting. Jin sources many of her plants from Holland as well as from Denmark, Belgium and private collectors resulting in a diverse and beautifully curated mix of greenery, ranging from tiny succulents to huge jungle-esque plants. 

Jin lists Kew Gardens, Petersham Nurseries and the Barbican Centre's Conservatory as her favourite green spaces in London - I couldn't agree more, they're my favourite too. However she's missed one out - and that's her very own shop. From the usual to the unusual, Conservatory Archives has the most interesting and well curated collection of house plants I've ever come across - if only my room was big enough to fit them all! At Conservatory Archives it's not just a case of finding some plants to fill a store to sell, there's much more behind it than that. There's a lot of love, attention and thought that goes into curating the archives - and the end result? A harmonious haven in Hackney.

493-495 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED




This post was created in collaboration with Appleton Estate Rum and their #CraftedWithJoy campaign