Hôtel Providence, Paris

In my opinion - and I'm sure many others' - Paris is always a good idea.

Back at the start of summer (how exactly are we at the end already?), I was invited on a very special jaunt with Eurostar and the guys behind @london to Paris and it certainly wasn't one I was going to turn down. I adore Paris; getting lost in every arrondissement, walking new streets and returning to old favourites, popping into the boutiques and cafes, all the while just soaking up the magic of this chic little city. I promise I'll do you a guide soon as I have quite the little black book to share with you, but I wanted to tell you about the hotel we stayed at on this visit: the very beautiful, very theatrical Hôtel Providence.


Housed within a 19th century building, Hôtel Providence is opulent, lavish, moody and sophisticated all in one. Draped in beautiful fabrics and littered with objets d'art, it's a magpie's haven and really makes you want to spend a good few hours in the hotel alone just so you can have a proper nosey in just about every crevice. There's a restaurant which pours out onto the front of the hotel, a blink-and-you'll-miss tiny reception and a lobby area which would make quite the spot for a cafe and a read of Le Monde. The hotel is the creation of Pierre Moussié (a bar magnate and restaurateur), his wife Elodie and their friend Sophie Richard - between the three of them, they've created one magical Parisian hideaway.


The hotel has 18 rooms, including 3 suites (which if you have the money to splurge are well worth the treat). I stayed in a Superior Room, gorgeously elaborate and decadent with velvet lined walls, a pearly tiled en-suite bathroom and an in-room mini bar. It's the kind of room you can't take your eyes off and don't really want to ever leave. A total treat, it felt homely, charming and wonderfully unconventional. I loved the addition of the mini bar which sadly didn't get our full attention as it deserved. Beds were terribly comfy, we had two windows with views overlooking the street below and the rooms all came with a French mobile for you to use whilst staying at the hotel - meaning no need to use up your own data! Genius and totally life-saving. Pat on the back Hôtel Providence, pat on the back.


You've got loads going on in the immediate area surrounding the hotel that, if you're having a lazy moment, you needn't trek too far. For food, head to Hero for great cocktails and Korean fried chicken (it's good I promise) or Derrière (part of the group that owns Sketch here in London). For good watering holes. you have Experimental Cocktail Club on Rue Saint-Sauveur, Andy Wahloo next to Derrière and a personal fave, Candelaria. A short stumble back home is guaranteed. And if you do want to get further afield, the nearest metro stop is Strasbourg - Saint-Denis which is literally moments from the hotel.

Thank you to Eurostar x @london for arranging my accommodation. All opinions are my own and I would happily return again! 



90, rue René Boulanger
75010 Paris


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