A weekend away with Joules

Last month, I was whisked away by Joules Clothing for a weekend away. As always, I'm delayed with the write-up (one-day puhlease can I be up-to-date?) but I thought I would share with you some snaps from the weekend anyway - because who doesn't love a quintessentially British jaunt?


The Burghley Horse Trials is an annual three-day event and it is quite the horsey event of the year held in the beautiful grounds of Burghley House. Joules has long been associated with Burghley - for the clothing company, it's where it all began - and so every year, it's a good excuse to throw a little celebration and invite along a few friends. As sponsors of the show, they have a huge stand at the Trials which always goes down extremely well with the event-goers - you'd be hard to miss someone walking past that isn't either wearing  Joules or carrying a Joules bag. 


Arriving at Burghley we made our way straight to the Joules hut, overlooking part of the cross country. Decked out in Joules homeware, the table was filled with delicious platters for us to sit down and enjoy. After lunch, we were introduced to gin brand Warner Edwards by Mr Warner himself, a delightfully charismatic chap who was so evidently passionate about and proud of his product - with good reason too, it's hugely successful and competes with the biggest of gin brands out there. If you like your flavoured gins, then may I suggest you check these guys out.  

After being filled with food and gin, we had some free time to roam the grounds and horse around by the house. I have to confess: we didn't actually see much in the way of the horse trials but did get to enjoy some of the other highlights from Burghley - namely stalking all the many, many dogs that were at the event (it felt more like a dog show than horse trials!) and having a good browse around all the shops and stalls. 


We were treated to a night's stay at Rushton Hall, a grand Grade I listed hotel set within 25 acres of grounds near the Horse Trials. After the day's adventure, we came back to the Hall, spruced ourselves up and made our way downstairs for supper - a delicious feast to finish off a really fun day out. Thank you Joules for having me! 

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