Christmas is coming... with Biscuiteers!

December, it's finally here! Can you believe the madness?!

Instead of looking back and thinking where the sweet bejesus has this year gone (believe me, you're not alone!), let's look to the future - the very near future - and that future is Christmas! IN 24 DAYS. I repeat T W E N T Y  F O U R dayz.

Holy schmokes. It's time to get shopping folks.

Like many people, you'll probably have friends, family, colleagues and Secret Santas to buy what I call a 'token gift' for - y'know, something that looks fancy, is a nice treat that they wouldn't usually buy for themselves but also isn't going to break the bank (because you already do that yourself every time you go in Zara... or is that just me?). Well, I have just the thing.

I've loved Biscuiteers for years. Such a simple concept and yet one that is utterly genius. The packaging, the biscuits, the tastiness: everything is spot on. So when they asked whether I would like to pick one of their Christmas tins, I positively leapt at the chance and went straight for the Nutcracker Biscuit Tin. Partly because I'm devastated that I've missed my chance to see the Royal Ballet perform the Nutcracker and partly because the nutcracker biscuit is just so darn cute! I know. Sucker.

Anyhoo, I digress. The tin is filled with nine wonderfully tasty All Spice biscuits (they really are as delicious as they look as well) and come together to create the perfect biscuit ballet scene. Now, I know you're not meant to play with your food but Biscuiteers are the exception to the rule. I mean, if you're like 9 years old that is... ahem. And once the contents are long gone, you're left with a beautiful box to do with as you please, so it's a gift that never stops giving! 

You can shop the Nutcracker Tin here and if you sign up to their newsletter, you'll get £5 off your first tin! Sounds to me like that's a call for someone to buy their very own tin as well...

Visit the Biscuiteers website here:

Or visit one of their shops in either Notting Hill or Clapham Junction