Postcards from Paris

Here's a question I asked myself recently:

What do I do with the remaining photos (approximately 1,842,274,034 of them, that is) that I took whilst in Paris?

Well, here's your answer, in one very picture heavy blog post! Apologies in advance if the images taken a little while longer to load than usual. Little tip: set your browser to 75% of its full screen to view the pictures quicker and easier (no idea why, but it often helps me).

Anyway, enough serious tech talk. I'm dedicating this post to my love of Paris. It's a beautiful city that has so much to offer - food for your mind, soul and stomach aplenty.

If you missed the last couple of Paris posts, fear not, find out where I stayed here, the restaurants I'd recommend here and a handful of museums not to miss out on here!

If this doesn't get you itching for a trip over the channel, then I don't know what will. In fact, just looking over these photos once more has made me yearn for another visit this year. 

Can you really ever have too much of a good thing in Paris?

Bien sûr que non!